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Video shooting coordination service

We undertake local coordination work that is indispensable for shooting in Thailand. Please feel free to contact us for dramas, variety progrum, movies, documentaries, commercials, etc.

 We will procure shooting equipment, arrange vehicles, arrange Thai or Japanese English interpreters, and apply for permission to related parties.

Since we are a regular member of the Film Board Association of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand, we can smoothly apply for permission to shoot.

For shooting in Thailand, permission from the Film Board Association is required for all shooting, regardless of size. For shooting without permission, shooting may be interrupted due to an order to stop shooting, and in malicious cases, equipment may be confiscated and the persons concerned may be detained.

Also, in some shooting locations, it is necessary to show the shooting permit of the Film Board Association when applying for shooting permission, and shooting permission may not be granted, so it is essential to select a regular coordinator when selecting a coordinator.

We will take over the application for permission to shoot to the Thai Government Film Board Association. (It takes about 2 weeks to apply) Face photo of all participants (4 cm square without cap, clear chest) and passport photo page spread copy and each participant's role, organization name and title , The list of equipment to be brought in, the signature of the application form, and the signature of the coordinator appointment notification are required documents. Please check the details. ↓


Please refer to the map below for the meeting place at Thai Suvarnabhumi International Airport. ↓   We will be waiting for you near Exit 3 of the arrival lobby


Please check the link below for how to fill out the immigration documents when entering Thailand. ↓


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