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  May Dawn of TV TOKYO Gaia Taken on location in Phuket.


October  What's this in the world Mystery "Burning Driver" I shot the Thai part.

  September Docomo AR VP Photographed.

  August N-st Thai duck farming method was taken.

  June News program Morning Chance! I took a picture of the Lopburi monkey problem.


December World superb view travelogue Thailand shooting support.

December        World superb view travelogue Laos shooting support.

November        UACJ supported in-house PV production.

  August         TV TOKYO Zipangu Human trafficking tracking Thai location shooting support.

  July        MBS-like medical cannabis stoner shooting support.

  July         MBS Mint Chiang Rai Cave Thai location shooting support.

  June        TV TOKYO, follow the smuggling of Zipangu otters in the future century! We supported Thai location.

  May        SUN Music SUN Plus in Thai location shooting support.

  May        TV Asahi What is he doing now? We supported Thai location.

  January        DTV-sama Yuzu travel photography support.


December        Japanese Imprison Cambodia location shooting support.

November        NHK-sama Mitsu Dan and Death's 坩 堝 Tyroque shooting support.

November       Chukyo TV SKE Matsui Jurina Insta 100 photos Challenge Thai location shooting support.

  September        NHK supported the left-hand pianist Thai location shooting.

  June        UNIQLO supported in-house PV production Thai location shooting.

  April        TV Asahi-sama We supported the shooting of Thai location while approaching to the place where we could go.

  February        Movie Erica 38 (Kirin Kiki's last work starring Miyoko Asada) We supported the shooting of Thai location.

More than 60 cases before 2017

Support information (FAQ)

Service related

Q. Is there a cost for inquiries?

A. Inquiries including quotations will not incur any costs if they do not include actual work surveys. Please feel free to contact us.

Q. How many days before shooting can I get permission if I send the documents?

A. In Thailand, you cannot shoot without permission from the film board. In order to apply for permission to these government agencies, the shooting application documents must be delivered to our staff at least two weeks before the shooting start date. When shooting movies and dramas, it is often necessary to translate the script and obtain permission in advance, and it is often necessary to change the content. For movies and dramas, consider it two weeks after the translated script is completed.
(Please contact us in advance for tight schedules.)

Q. Please tell me the documents required for shooting permission.

A. Documents required when applying for permission to shoot with the Thai Film Board Association
1. Passport copy of all those who come to shoot Face photo page Spread 2 pages (clear object)
2. Color photographs of all who come to shoot (clear objects) Width 3 cm x Height 4 cm square
3. Notification of coordinator appointment using letterhead (we will send you a form)
4. Shooting schedule and list of equipment to be brought in (we will send you a form)
5. Pledge (we will send you a form)
6. Application form (we will send you a form)
Please send the above 6 points by 2 weeks before the shooting start date. We will inform you of the delivery method later.


Q. Is the cost of shooting in Thailand high?

A. Accommodation and flight costs can be selected as high and low for your convenience, but the cost of shooting in Thailand is cheaper than in neighboring Asian countries. We will do our utmost to respond to customers who come by taking advantage of this advantage.

Q. Is the communication environment in Thailand different from that in Japan?

A. Currently, Thailand has the same communication environment as Japan, such as LTE and 3G. However, the current situation is that the communication environment is often not set up depending on the location even in local cities and Tokyo. We have a system in which communication professionals can make full use of the communication environment of multiple carriers and provide the most comfortable communication environment possible. We also offer mobile phone rental services as needed, so communication costs to Japan can be significantly reduced.

Q. Is it possible to arrange aerial photography using a drone etc.?

A. We can arrange aerial photography by drone, which is considered difficult in Thailand, in cooperation with the drone team officially recognized by the Thai government. Customers can easily obtain drone images by veteran engineers simply by bringing the composition they want to shoot and a memory card (details will be announced separately depending on the resolution and shooting time). We have obtained information from the Film Board Association that the Japanese TV station shooting staff was detained and the equipment was confiscated due to unauthorized shooting using a drone. Please note that if you bring a drone to your equipment in Thailand, it may be confiscated at the time of customs clearance at the airport.

Q. Is it possible to arrange shooting equipment and human resources?

A. Equipment and labor costs put pressure on shooting costs. We can also arrange local procurement of shooting equipment, cameraman assistants, lighting, audio, performers, extras, interpreters, makeup, costumes, and other human resources. In addition, please feel free to contact us as it is possible to use the studio and permit the use of various facilities.

Thailand shooting

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