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Our Concept

  • As a coordinator for photography in Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos, we will flexibly respond to requests for photography with free ideas, and will do our utmost to back up the photography team so that we can produce wonderful works from the perspective of the production side.

CEO message

In recent years, many programs on location in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, have been broadcast on Japanese television. Shooting in a country with a different language or culture has some troubles.
As a coordinator, we try to avoid such troubles in advance and provide an environment where the shooting team can work in an environment as close to Japan as possible.

We are proud to say that the filming teams from Japan have had a hard time coming to overseas locations and shooting as they really wanted.

It is no exaggeration to say that the spread of corona has changed the common sense and morals of shooting around the world. Nowadays, all of our staff are thoroughly implementing infection prevention measures set by the Thai government, and what to do if an infected person is found. We will actively participate in the seminars about Corona (Covid-19) of Thailand and will spare no effort for human safety by shooting in the corona virus.

Please feel free to contact us if you need to coordinate your shoots across Thailand or Southeast Asia.

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