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It is the labor cost that puts pressure on the cost of shooting. By using excellent local staff without bringing in voice staff, lighting staff, AD and other people necessary for shooting from Japan, it will be possible to cut travel expenses, accommodation expenses, and other large costs. ..


However, some people may be worried about their skills and communication ability. At our company, we understand the technical communication and the progress of shooting that is actually being done, and participate in shooting as an immediate force. We have secured human resources who can do it, so please feel free to leave it to us.


From the perspective of saving labor costs and travel expenses (airline tickets from Japan), and also saving accommodation costs for shooting in or near Bangkok, please consider dispatching our shooting staff. !!

Our staff is familiar with all levels of shooting and has a history of participating in many shooting sites, so even if you come with two people, the director and the main cameraman, it is the same level as shooting in Japan. We will back up the shooting of the camera in terms of cost and technology.

In addition, we can dispatch Japanese engineers for voice staff including cameramen. Even if you are worried about language problems, we will respond without problems.

We also dispatch business interpreters.
In addition to language ability, it is essential for business success to understand exactly what you want to explain and to tell the other person accurately, so we parallel language skills when selecting an interpreter. We will dispatch an accurate interpreter, taking into account the ability to understand.
I think that a good and accurate interpreter is an important factor in important business negotiations.
Please feel free to contact us for a free quote and we will not force you.

We believe that customers who have used our company will ask us for the next opportunity as well, which is a proof that the correct interpretation we think of is in line with the needs of our customers.

We are a big leader in other companies with low price and high quality.

Local Staff dispatch service

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