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Even if the shooting staff cannot come, we will take full advantage of our staff and equipment to undertake the Video shooting by the local staff.

When shooting, if the Japanese side informs us of the necessary elements and images, we will promptly select the staff, select the necessary equipment, adjust the schedule, etc.

As for shooting equipment, we will handle the labor costs for staff with our own equipment, including Professional use 4K60P video cameras, FHD video cameras, lighting equipment, audio equipment, and other special equipment at local prices.

During shooting, it is possible to proceed with shooting while having the Japanese side check the shooting situation in real time.(Option)

After shooting, we will promptly deliver the video material to the Japanese side via the internet cloud at quickley.

Our drone is purchased from an authorized distributor in Thailnd and is officially registered with the relevant departments of the Thai government, so it can be added as official equipment when applying for shooting permission, and qualified operators are appointed as operators. Please be assured that it will increase.

Please feel free to contact us for anything such as field coverage, field survey, creation of local VP, searching for people, collecting material, etc.

Onestop Video Shooting Service

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