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In Thailand, where labor costs have soared and the need to improve product quality has increased, the introduction of Japanese food manufacturing machines is being actively promoted. We have a reputation for stable quality manufacturing in mass production of steam boxes, unmanned automatic egg maker and stirrer, etc. that can be manufactured at ultra-stable temperatures, including the vacuum cooler of Shinagawa Machinery Works, a food machine manufacturing company in Nara Prefecture. We import, sell and maintain Japanese food manufacturing machines.

With CPRAM, the largest vendor of Seven-Eleven, and Farm House Brand, the largest bread maker, as the largest customers, we provide total support for food factories, from proposals to machine selection, installation, maintenance management, and recipe development. ..

By introducing the machines of Shinagawa Machinery Works, which has secured a large market share in Japan for a wide range of needs from food to confectionery bakery factories, labor costs can be reduced, yields can be improved, and quality can be stabilized. The effect is enormous.

Indispensable for factory automation is equipment that can stably and automatically manufacture products. The machinery we propose is indispensable for mass production of what end users want, even for demand that exceeds the range that humans can handle, such as contamination, invasion of germs, variation in quality, and uneven taste. There is no equipment.

We will inform you of the equipment that can be proposed immediately if there is a product being manufactured and the required production amount per hour.

Please check the products of Shinagawa Machinery Works from the following site.

Food manufacturing machine import and sales business

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