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Although we are a Shooting Co-ordinate company, we manufacture and sell chemicals as a side business.

We manufacture and sell parts for injection molding machines, purge compounds for cleaning, etc., including rust preventives for molds that are indispensable in plastic injection molding factories.

Our rust preventives manufactured at our manufacturing bases in Thailand are Japanese-level products, but the price is less than 1/3, so they are very popular.


In addition to rust preventives, we can also manufacture lubricating oils and other various chemicals, so please feel free to contact us if you have any requests.

 All of our products are guaranteed to be used up, so if the aerosol gas runs out while the contents remain, or if the contents remain due to a sealing leak, etc., we will replace it with the same product free of charge. I'll enjoy having this.

In addition, we will send it with free shipping nationwide (there is a minimum order quantity), so even distant customers can order with confidence.

Please check the product details at the following site. ↓

Various factory support operations

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