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Thai Shooting Coordinator
Office Katayama Co.,Ltd.

Office Katayama Co., Ltd. is a government-approved officeal shooting coordinator We are fully supports shooting team from other countries in Thailand
Thai Government Certification Number 01-2022-00056


Our Service

Office Katayama is a Thai government official Video Shooting Coordinator. We are fully supports Japanese Video Shooting Team. 

We provide shooting services and the following services.

TV Program and other
Video Shooting Coordinate

 We will respond to all requests from the shooting team from overseas. 

  From shooting permission to research, searching for people, consenting to the shooting location, and adjusting the schedule of the guest performers, please leave it to us.

Onestop Local Video contract Shooting Service

 We will shooting without the shooting staff coming from overseas.

 We procure camera and equipment and staff in response to customer requests, and deliver recorded data via the

Production Staff
Staffing Service

We will dispatch staff for Thai interpretation and shooting. We will dispatch the shooting staff, including moderators, actors, extras, interpreters, and other appropriate personnel as needed.

Shooting equipment Rental service

Bonded import procedures (carnet application) are required to bring in video shooting equipment from Japan, and equipment that uses radio waves requires a legal machine to crack down on Thailand.

Foods Machinery

We import, sell and maintain all food manufacturing machines , including the vacuum cooler of Shinagawa Machinery Work  Co.,Ltd. a food manufacturing machine manufacturing and sales company in Nara Prefecture.

Thai interpreter service and factory support

We will dispatch Thai-Japanese interpreters to the mold rust preventive manufacturing and sales business of injection molding machines and various factories, and will undertake various procedures on your behalf.

Our history

Oct 2014           Established Office Katayama Co., Ltd. a video progrum shooting coordination company

Mar 2015            Completed registration as a coordinator with the Film Board Association of the

                     Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand Government certification number C1223-58

Nov 2015            we established D-Tools, a manufacturing and sales department for
                     auxiliary materials for plastic injection molding factories.

Jan 2018            Moved head office to Sukhumvit 77 Road On-Nut 46

Mar 2022      The government registration number has been changed to 01-2022-000056.

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